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Five minutes with Architectural Photographer, Jeremy Young (part two of two)

Part two of our interview with Architectural Photographer Jeremy Young...

Q. Do you see virtual reality as a creative revolution or passing trend?

A. I think virtual reality has potential but I have yet to see anything that really worked for me. I think it will always need to be alongside still imagery.

Q. Who do you feel are the next generation of photographers to watch out for?

A. There are many good ones coming out of the MA courses at Plymouth, Brighton, LCC etc.

Q. In your experience, is Instagram a useful tool for modern photographers or another social media vehicle for those seeking ‘likes’?

A. I'm not a great fan, but I think the (few) people who use it well are really interesting.

Q. If you had a free afternoon, which London gallery or museum would you visit?

A. Photographers Gallery, Tate Modern, V&A,

Q. Tell us a bit about your most recent project...

A. I'm working on a series that I am calling 'The colour of there seen from here'. The series is a response to a Richard Rogers quote 'good architecture is about the space held by buildings'. I'm making images by focusing my camera on space rather than place and producing images that challenge our perceptions of the built environment.

2 October 2017

Five minutes with Architectural Photographer, Jeremy Young (part one of two)

We wanted to find out more about Architectural Photographer, Jeremy Young. Here's how we did it...

Q. Did you always plan to make photography your career or was it a hobby that developed into a living?

A. My plan as a teenager was to be a photographer but I got distracted. My first degree was in Engineering Science and Maths which led to working for a Seismic Survey Company in very exciting and remote parts of the world. After these travels I started working as a photographers assistant and learnt the craft of commercial photography which has been my practice for the last 30 years. I recently completed an MA in Arts Practice and am looking to further develop an arts practice alongside my commercial work.

Q. Which other photographers have influenced you?

A. Bernd and Hilda Becher have been part of the two schools of photography that have had most influence on my practice; The New Topographics: images of the man-altered landscape and the Becher students from the Kuntsacademie in Dusseldorf...Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff etc.

Q. Do you feel the art of traditional photography has been slightly lost in the science of producing and manipulating digital photographs?

A. Yes to a certain extent. Digital processing has given greater control to produce images closer to the ones visualised. For me, a successful photograph should not look digitally enhanced and still have the qualities of a traditional image. I work with a plate camera fitted with a digital back so I am still shooting in a very traditional way.

27 September 2017

10 images:10 years

We’ve really enjoyed looking back over the first decade of Retina Images and sharing our ten favourite images with you. It’s reminded us of what we’ve achieved and given us a sense of pride when we see the body of work we’ve created.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for choosing us to visualise their work, we’re very aware that without you, there wouldn’t be a Retina Images.

For us, there is no greater compliment than when our images help our clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be. It’s total job satisfaction for us if a client drops us an email to say they had a successful presentation, or we read in AJ that a client achieved planning permission. After all, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

And when they return to us with their next project, it makes our day.

We look forward to working with you all again over the next ten years.


10 images:10 years:10 of 10

And finally…our favourite image of the last year is from a collection of four images for a stunning contemporary private house extension in West London. It was our first project working with Gresford Architects and it produced a set of images we’re really proud of.

The kitchen image is a beautiful composition showing the close connection between the inside and outside space. The light quality is particularly successful, who wouldn’t want to live in a house like this?

View the whole set of images in the ‘Work’ section of our website.

29 March 2017


10 images:10 years:9 of 10

Ninewells in Cambridge was a big part of 2015 for Retina Images. We’re no strangers to large scale projects. Just as well, as we were approached by Hill to produce visuals for a collection of 162 high specification family homes and apartments.

We chose the view looking across Attenuation pond as our favourite image for this year. It epitomises the peaceful, restful environment which the Ninewells development promises to deliver with particular attention paid to it’s landscaped environment and direct relationship to the countryside it borders.

View the whole set of images in the ‘Work’ section of our website.

20 March 2017


Ninewells Borchure Link

10 images:10 years:8 of 10

It’s probably not that common that an architect is given the opportunity to remodel one of it’s own designs years later.

Sheppard Robson originally masterplanned the Brunel University campus in the 1960’s including the Wilfred Brown Building. Over time the needs of the university have evolved and Sheppard Robson were commissioned to design an ambitious refurbishment scheme to transform the internal spaces and strip back the Wilfred Brown building to it’s concrete frame, re-cladding with saw-tooth faade and perforated metal screens.

We chose this image because of it’s versatility. It was used to present the idea to the Project Board at Brunel, presented to the planning Authority at pre-application stage, and subsequently used in the planning application. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions of the building are strikingly different and the use of materials and reflections in our version are successfully done.

View the whole set of images in the ‘Work’ section of our website.

13 March 2017


10 images:10 years:7 of 10

Guy’s Tower is probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but you can’t argue with the fact that it recently gained a very famous neighbour. It wasn’t spruced up to keep up with the Joneses, but to optimise energy efficiency and address structural issues. We were brought on board by Penoyre & Prasad to illustrate the different re-cladding options for design development.

The photography has captured the bronze tones of the reflective surfaces and produced a classic example of a London skyline at dusk.

View the whole set of images in the ‘Work’ section of our website.

6 March 2017


10 images:10 years:6 of 10

Charlotte Square was a fantastic job not least because it prompted my first visit to Edinburgh to meet the client and visit the site. The architecture of Edinburgh is really stunning and I headed back for a long weekend not long afterwards to see more of it.

Sectional images can be labour intensive to produce because the devil is in the detail, the more you see, the more you have to perfect. But they are very rewarding and we chose this as one of our favourite images because it’s such a successful overview of the scheme and how it interacts with the Square. You really can see it all, from the reception area to the lofty atrium space and even the bike store…

View the whole set of images in the ‘Work’ section of our website.

27 February 2017


10 images:10 years:5 of 10

It's all going on at The Southbank at the moment isn't it? I took a walk past it last weekend on my way from Waterloo to The Shard and the construction of Southbank Place is well underway. It reminded me that we'd produced two competition images for the scheme back in 2011 for Sheppard Robson before Squire and Partners were tasked with the masterplanning.

It is located on the site of The Festival of Britain which took place in 1951 and sought to showcase the best of British design in the fields of architecture, art and culture.

This view from across the river started from a wonderful base photograph by our go-to architectural photographer Jeremy Young.

22 February 2017


10 images:10 years:4 of 10

One of our largest jobs of 2010 was for WATG, a series of 13 interior images for Le Meridien Hotel at Cairo International Airport.

WATG have exacting standards and the set of images we produced for them were well executed and reflected their faultless design intent.

We chose the bridge link image as our forth favourite image. It provides a vital connection between the hotel and the airport and the feeling of luxury begins the moment you step onto the marble floor.

13 February 2017


10 images:10years:3 of 10

Sometimes in the early stages of a project, an image is about evoking an atmosphere and communicating a loose design idea. The emphasis shifts away from realism and focuses on conveying the feel of the space. They highlight the main design features without committing to every small detail; the height of skirting boards, shadow gaps and material specifications.

This image of an artroom for Francis Combe Academy for Balfour Beatty with Penoyre & Prasad is the perfect example of this, produced with a more sketchy, loose feel. Making the most of any reference material we could find.

Our versatility means we’re as happy to create an intricate hotel dining room as we are a messy school art room, buzzing with activity.

6 February 2017


10 images:10 years:2 of 10

We were approached in 2008 by Birchall Properties with Stanton Williams to produce two strong images to visualise their ambitious scheme to create a 300 acre leisure facility which comprises of a golf course, 4-Star hotel and apartments, university campus, medical spa, walking and cycling trails and more.

The land was reclaimed from open cast mining in the 1990’s and is now woodland, pasture and golf course. We really enjoyed being involved in this project because it challenged our modelling capabilities in adapting the distinctive curved dome structures. They will provide a climate controlled environment for water sports, climbing wall and other leisure facilities.

Now with the backing of US based Grand Heritage Hotel Group, the project is due for completion in summer 2018. It will provide in excess of 1,300 new jobs and be a destination holiday and leisure resort.

30 January 2017


Peak Worldwide

10 images:10 years:1 of 10

The Lounge, Rutland House, Knightsbridge, SW7

We were thrilled to be commissioned by Candy & Candy to produce a set of images for luxury property Rutland House, Knightsbridge in 2007. Previously Candy & Candy’s headquarters, it was being converted back into a single residential dwelling. As you would expect the interior design proposal was highly detailed and skilfully crafted by the experienced team at C&C. We enjoyed the challenge of modelling the classic architectural details of the original house, combined with bespoke furniture and lighting for several rooms in the property. The standout image for us was The Lounge which epitomised the character and quality of the project with contemporary furniture, beautiful high ceilings, flooded with dappled light and a Grand Piano, naturally.

It was also featured in the January 2008 edition of House & Garden Magazine.

23 January 2017


Bon Anniversaire!

We're celebrating our 10th anniversary in April. Starting next week, we'll be sharing our 10 favourite images from the last 10 years over the next 10 weeks. We hope you enjoy delving into our archive with us as we approach our first decade as Retina Images.

16 January 2017


Historic Project: Solstice Point, London

Steve found an old project on Architizer the other day, we started working on it in 2009. It's a mixed use scheme by Nick Baker Architects situated in Camden, close to the town centre and Regents Park.

It was built in 2014, making clever use of the curved fronted site. See the link below for further details including some rather nice photographs by Hamish Park...

19 January 2016



Ninewells Marketing Images Released

We’re pleased to announce a set of 11 marketing images produced for Hill for their Ninewells scheme in Cambridge are now available to view on their

We’re looking forward to starting work on Phase 2 in the near future.

The full set of images can be viewed as a selected project in the ‘work’ section of our website.

08 September 2015

Retina Images Website Re-launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, designed by Bite Digital. Our vision for the site was a clean, pared down, contemporary style where our images take centre stage. A showcase of nine projects will be regularly updated with fresh content and a newsworthy section will keep our clients, present and future in the loop with what we're up to.

22 July 2015


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